I'm just at my wit's end with this one. I'm just tired of the same thing, every single God-damned day. ___________________ Take, blame, punish, that's all you do. My life is taken for granted. It will take more than a lifetime To kill these weeds you've planted. They infiltrate my thoughts and dreams, They poisoned… Continue reading Socio


Forgotten Mass

I like this one. It's about the "fad" that depression and anxiety has become, and about the true sufferer finding real help instead of herd mentality. ____________________ Come one, come all, browbeaten and bruised! Just grab your expression at the door. One size fits all, there’s many to choose, Fake smiles and phony laughter galore!… Continue reading Forgotten Mass

I’ll Mend Another Day

This was a hard one to write. I was suffering from severe depression, and I had one of those chest-ripping anxiety attacks that lasted all day. Still, my ex was going through a very difficult time, and I was able to set aside my problems for her. ____________________ I've made a million mistakes, Fought when… Continue reading I’ll Mend Another Day