This, like Remember, was just sitting in my phone. I don’t know when I wrote it, but it was within the past three months.


You, you make me sick.

You’re trying so hard to be derelict.

This world owes you shit,

Yet your ego won’t let you admit it.

You were abandoned?

Bullshit, you were hiding while you planned.

Stepping on our necks,

You just concealed your lies, you train wreck!

Piss away your life!

You’ll drown just to prove a point? Christ!

The world stopped caring,

Now you’re just reckless, far from daring!

What happened to you?

The world was yours to take.

Now you exist as sin,

Just an avatar of hate!

You should wake the fuck up,

Before you burn your last bridge.

A dose of reality,

Should alleviate that itch.

Your game is over,

Everyone left, and you’re the loser.

Just wallow alone,

Your choices turned everyone to stone.

We will let you fall.

On your way down, no one answers the call.

See the end close in,

Maybe you’ll learn life isn’t roses!

You deserve the guilt,

Now you’re stuck in the traps you built.

You wanted us dead,

But here we are, all stuck in your head.


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