Just sharing some truth. Blinded by love, with a personality that isn’t capable of showing it, is pretty shitty.


I built these walls to keep you out,

But I unleashed what’s buried within.

I avoid the blinding shallowness,

And now I’m entombed with a demon.

I can’t exist in your vanity,

And yet I can’t escape the shadows.

Distracting superficial beauty,

Versus endlessly dying hollow.

This stone prison of my own design,

I engineered for flawless defense.

My soul is running in circles,

Fate left to unfulfilling suspense.

Outstretched claws with ungodly reach,

Their origin still undiscovered,

Grasp for my final breath impatiently,

But inside, they won’t haunt another.

Voluntary incarceration,

Protecting the naively neonate,

Forfeiting purpose to action,

Fortified with your misplaced hate.

Fortuitous escape,

From this pit of snakes.

You’re spared from insanity,

While I sacrificed clarity.

Live in celebration,

I’ll die in rumination.


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