I don’t remember when I wrote this. I found it in the notes on my phone. Might as well post it, along with Wallow, while my blog sits otherwise idle.


It’s quiet, there’s a little chill,

I remember keeping you warm.

As the cold sweeps over my face,

The memory reminds me you’re gone.

They go on, the stories we loved,

I remember waiting for you.

As I keep turning the pages,

There’s no one around to talk to.

Now it’s gone, the place that we met,

I remember sitting so close.

I wish that lasted forever,

Because it’s you I miss the most.

I love you, I looked in your eyes.

I remember you felt the same.

You rested your head on my chest,

But now, all I feel there is pain.

Life goes on, I might not make it.

I remember holding you tight.

I’m dying here without you,

And nothing will ever feel right.

I’m sorry, I want to go back.

I remember making you smile.

I hold on to those golden days,

But it’s been raining for a while.

I’m jealous, you’re so far away.

I remember our very first kiss.

I still feel it, and my heart skips,

I wish it didn’t come to this.

Life ended, you’ll find happiness,

I remember falling apart.

You deserve the best life can give,

And I’ll remain a dying star.


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