This one took a while. It’s about how weak other people make a couple by forcing their opinions and values, making the weak link in the relationship doubt their future together.


Weakened by your silhouette,

Sickened by your cigarettes,

Longing for your introspect,

Wanting you to resurrect.

Thinking of my transgressions,

Adding to my collections.

Looking for my corrections,

Fearing you’re my obsession.

Our words were once erudite.

Our nights were by candlelight.

Our connection watertight,

Our days are now recondite.

They judge like an avalanche.

They care not for circumstance.

They don’t try to understand.

They long for the aftermath.

This sick world is affluent.

This bleak place is effluent.

This dark path has influenced,

Poisoned all of our senses.


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