I’m not bothered by weak people, but I loathe those who have potential, yet feign weakness to get what they want.


I never tire of all this pain.

I’ve been fighting for half my years.

I’ve learned to find comfort in the flames,

And I’m the first to face the fears.

You sit atop the tower I built you,

And spit on anyone at the door.

Now it looks like a crumbling ruin,

Because I’m running until I’m sore!

Running out of time, running out of breath.

Running out of patience, running to death.

Running to the fight, I’m running from you,

I run ’cause I know what I can do.

Trapped with the worst this life can offer,

I’ve found something worth fighting for.

Negativity didn’t let me prosper,

But now I’m gearing up for war.

I guess your fallout brought me peace,

I remember why I’m alive.

I’m not good company for the weak,

So I’ll keep running for a while.


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