Maybe she’ll find her way if she remembers that we started with nothing, and sees how hard I worked for us.


We had nothing, and that was enough.

We showed everyone that we were tough.

I fought to make things better, in love.

You fought to escape.

You want to be free, but it has a price.

You’re willing to pay it, all out of spite.

Keep trying to prove you’re made of ice,

You will lose the warmth.

I always think of the life we built.

Being selfish just leads me to guilt.

The life inside is starting to wilt,

But I’m still not dead.

The mirror will stop telling the truth.

People will stop remembering you.

You’ll feel confused under your own roof.

Is this what you want?

I no longer build on my misery,

Life with you is more than a memory.

Today I’m strong instead of angry.

You showed me who I am.

If you start feeling lost in the world,

Remember, we started less than dirt.

We were making this life into pearls.

Don’t let go of that.


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