I’m just at my wit’s end with this one. I’m just tired of the same thing, every single God-damned day.


Take, blame, punish, that’s all you do.

My life is taken for granted.

It will take more than a lifetime

To kill these weeds you’ve planted.

They infiltrate my thoughts and dreams,

They poisoned my existence.

Every day is an uphill retreat,

To maintain my temperance.

These faces I see look like me,

But I don’t recognize myself.

They smile while I’m​ screaming​ inside,

But I am bound and cannot rebel.

My resources are fully exhausted,

My patience is wearing thin.

I’m in the corner clawing my eyes,

Waiting for sleep and salvation.

There was supposed to be help with this,

But you hated trying to care.

Now I wither, abandoned,

Too many battles to bear.


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