I wrote this about my love for music, and how I found God in the some of the strangest places.


My mom and dad told me to harm no one,

A drop of their wisdom I’ve always followed.

It didn’t take faith to be a good person,

But for a time, the beast in me bellowed.

I spent quite a few years alone in the dark,

Thinking I was only defined by my sins.

I felt the light in me slowly depart.

This is how the end of my life begins.

I never stopped searching a sign of hope,

I looked high and low for the faintest clue.

Nothing I found would ever heal my soul,

So I looked to my heart for what to do.

I found love in music, others’ souls laid bare,

A confession in every bar and rhyme.

Inspiration and heartbreak, I’m now aware,

Sound is my savior in four-four time.

Power metal riffs help me carry on,

My vim and vigor surpass their limits.

Blues and soul are part of a pantheon,

That teach me to embrace every minute.

Rory and Adele have made me a lover,

I’ve learned every human has a few faults.

Dio and Clapton at the Cliffs of Dover,

Taught me a Rock ‘n Roll child can’t be bought.

What I hear in verse is a higher power,

God exists to me in melodic bliss.

From all the cities and towns I’ve scoured,

The music in my heart granted my wish.

For all my sins in those once hopeless times,

I will atone until the end of the line.

For the hearts I broke and the souls I stole,

I hope someday I can repay what’s owed.

I won’t ask forgiveness, that’s up to you.

But give me a chance to show what I can do.


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