Tequila and Lime

This one is about how we spent time together when we first met, and goes into how our surroundings affected us.


I sat in the darkest corner, sipping coffee.

The mess of a waitress looking for a sign.

It was easy to see she was coming down hard,

This hole-in-the-wall poisoned everyone’s mind.

I come here occasionally to remind myself,

Of when I could see the good in everything.

I drank to forget quite a lot in those days,

On karaoke nights, I had to drink to sing.

I still see her​ ghost rushing around the bar,

Tossing out hot wings and tequila with lime.

The drunks would hit on her and I’d crack a smile,

The most beautiful woman in here was mine.

Years pass by, and regulars come and go,

Getting replaced by less savory company.

I recognize one or two of the good ole boys,

The rest are just faceless drama to me.

Maybe I’ve grown old, or haven’t grown enough,

But this little bar just doesn’t have any style.

Petty gunshots and pointless arguments,

That beautiful woman hides her real smile.

It was a little bit that bar, lotta bit of me,

That took that lovely smile, my reason to be.

I come here without her for punishment,

A sinner preparing for his judgement.

I’m not the same man, but I’ll pay for my crimes.

I just want her back, even if she’s not mine.

I want to go back to the tequila and limes,

Just to see her smile like that one more time.


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