Evil Twin

This is one about me at my worst. I wasn’t in control, but over time, I got strong enough to seize it.


I spoke with him the other day,

He just pops up like cancer.

I didn’t open the door this time,

But I still had to answer.

He used to tease me about you,

The terrible things he did.

I was scared of my evil twin,

So there was much left unsaid.

He used to lock me in a cage,

As he terrorized the town.

I watched powerless through the bars,

Crying as he tore you down.

When his evil reign subsided,

He’d torture me for hours.

He’d make me bury my remorse,

All I could do was cower.

He’s just as evil as before,

I could hear it in his voice.

But he couldn’t get inside again,

And he didn’t have a choice.

I’m much stronger than he is now,

And once I proved it to him,

He’s tried to get me time and again,

But I tear him limb from limb.

Our fights were short but savage,

But my resolve is strong as steel.

Now my victories are constant,

And I have less wounds to heal.

He’s too feral to apologize,

But if you’d hand me your dagger,

I’m sorry I was once so weak,

Now I can pass on your anger.


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