The Longest Dance

Another one from today. I’ve never written two in one day, but this has been a rough day.


You were here and I was there,

Waiting for me to show that I still cared.

You were there and I was here,

Words had become my greatest fear.

We’ve been dancing for years,

Then the best part of me appeared.

I won’t ask forgiveness,

I was a horrifying mess.

While you waltz, I tango,

Three-four and four-four we go.

Why don’t we just foxtrot?

We can learn, so it’s worth a shot.

I’m not here​ for a chance,

I just don’t want to stop the dance.

Just a bit more practice,

I think we’d probably get this.

This is the longest dance,

But I’m willing to dance forever.

Take my hand, catch my glance,

Love is a worthwhile endeavor.


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