This one was weird. It had been over a year since I wrote anything, but I promise, I don’t do acid. This one is about addiction tearing up the ones you love.


Looking up at the sky at 3am,

No care to get up and go home.

The chattering chains and dazzling neon,

I’m a hostage in Stockholm.

As the ink keeps bleeding off the plastic,

The sky grows a brighter black.

The creature demands yet another meal,

The monkey laughs on my back.

The machines stop where the leather begins,

Sound gives way to the silence.

The rush of blood floods my ears and sight,

The sky fills up with giants.

Bubbling glass from under the kitchen sink,

A roadmap mottles my skin.

I smell the sound of the ice cold rainbow,

Burning the sky from within.

The face in my bed changed during the night,

A pile of laundry unwashed.

The digital sky is brand new tonight,

Another love to be squashed.

I rebuked the smile that turned my sky blue,

I blinded my heart with bleach.

Every new world granted a new weapon,

Lessons only I could teach.

The burning black sky filled with steel monsters,

Mixed into a dusky grey.

I didn’t know the blue that was missing,

Would shine it all away.


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