Silence Near

This was one of my first pieces. No, it’s not an attack on a person, it’s an attack on the demons in my mind. This was when I truly started feeling better, at least until it all crashed down a couple of years later.


Bury your anger, it just doesn’t work.

The barbed tongue of yours no longer hurts.

If you want to stand alone, be my guest!

Burn all those around you, blind the rest.

You took what you wanted, now walk away,

Back to your world of despair and dismay.

Kingdoms burned for less, you got off easy.

What goes around comes around, can’t you see?

The ground will crumble beneath your feet.

The world will open and you’ll feel the heat.

What you’ve taken will again be taken.

Burning my soul will leave you forsaken!

You peeled away, ripped apart, crushed beneath your heel,

This part of me, far beneath, I just found could feel.

I’ve risen above the unnerving hush, and now I’m not alone.

The skies have cleared, silence near, know you have not won!

Feed another to your hungering beast.

I still have strength I have yet to unleash!

I’ll break those teeth and shatter your claws.

You can’t pierce these scars with a broken jaw!

Your song has taken so much I endear,

Now I silence you for innocent ears.

Your allure is now a disfigured husk.

The evil you spread is an echo of lust.

Call off your pets, killing is trivial.

Wouldn’t you like them to see your burial?

Knowing what you are, you’ve lost your hold.

I’ll rip you apart to watch your world unfold.

I’ve peeled away, ripped apart, crushed beneath my heel,

The part of you, plainly seen, that didn’t let me feel.

I’ve drowned you below, the frozen cold, and now you are alone.

The skies have cleared, silence near, now that you are done!


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