This is for a woman that I’ve wronged, but I know I can fix it when she’s ready.


A little dinner, with lots of wine.

I was hiding in plain sight.

I led you on, and we had fun,

We were on one crazy ride.

A little time, we couldn’t last,

We grew up in our own past.

The haze faded, didn’t make it,

The crazy ride we had crashed.

I righted wrongs, and wronged some rights,

Took some punches in the fights.

I burned you out, you had your doubt,

That we’d make it one more night.

Now here we are, and there you go,

Trying to face the world alone.

Forget the fun, we’ve come undone,

This house no longer a home.

People are strange, the world is cold,

But it’s best to just behold.

Learn how to live, and to forgive,

Find yourself out in the fold.

I’ll wait on you, with the lights on,

No matter what you decide on.

I built for you, a home for two,

I’ll be here, and just write on…

You set me free, I let you be.

I’ll save you, like you saved me.

Give me your hand, give me your heart.

There’s nothing for you in the dark.

Face your old fears, get off your knees.

Yesterday just cuts skin deep.

Today is now, open your eyes,

There’s more love than you realize.


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