My Book

I wrote this earlier today. I don’t want to go into detail, but this will probably never happen, and I’m devastated by it.


When do you bleed?

What do you seek?

Is there anything original about you?

Why do you cry?

Have you even tried?

Do you do this so everyone thinks you’re new?

You need to pray.

I wish you’d stay.

We can still try to save what’s left of us.

Just start over,

Don’t take cover,

Just talk to me, there’s so much to discuss.

Open my book,

And take a look,

You’ll see that your chapter has no ending.

Give me some words,

Some rhymes and verbs,

Help me write you with a new beginning.

Close the window,

And lock the door,

There’s plenty to see when you look my way.

Turn off the phone.

Don’t be alone.

Be who you’ve always been to me today.


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