Love is my Sin

This was my warning to the woman I love. We were trying, but she didn’t quite understand that things will get worse before they get better. It did a lot of damage to her, as well.


There’s something wrong with you,

Not quite so much as me.

I don’t know why I stay,

But no place I’d rather be.

I threw my past away,

To rebuild my future.

The reasons were all wrong,

I thought we could endure.

I saw another world,

When I looked in your eyes.

A whole new existence,

Where nothing ever dies.

I took another step,

A life I knew was due.

Reaching for new light,

Things too good to be true.

The darkness in my soul,

Consumed, tore us apart.

It will always haunt my thoughts.

It will always grip your heart.

There is no way to win,

Just loving is a sin.

I spent my life with you,

Battling these demons.

I offered you no choice,

And gave you no reasons.

You found your own way out,

But the Hell in me took flight.

Your self crucifixion,

Was dark taking your light.

Evil begets evil,

Regret leads to hatred.

The things that I have done,

Shattered all that’s sacred.

We’re not to be apart,

Our balance not undone.

The more we are alone,

The less that you can run.

The darkness in your soul,

Consumes, tears us apart.

It will always haunt your thoughts,

It will always grip my heart.

The only way to win,

Is to start over again.

The past, impossible,

The future can’t be known.

Today things are a wreck,

Devices of your own.

The devil you carry,

Was never plaguing me.

You hated what I was,

Yet still refuse to see.

You gave me will to live,

And now I offer this.

Cleanse what tears at your soul,

Then we will both know bliss.

The darkness in our souls,

Will not keep us apart.

The haunting of our thoughts,

No longer grips our hearts.

We showed it we can win,

And found our light within.


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