Let Me Go

This is where I almost gave up. I wasn’t strong enough to leave, so I wanted it to be her. I didn’t want it to happen, but I didn’t want to bring her down.


I don’t belong to anyone, just let me walk.

I cannot be alone, you know this, but we could never talk.

The duality of happiness is now clear.

How can I be content loving just me or what I hold dear?

Everyone just wants more than I could ever give.

Something in me has to die, only then will everything live.

I try and try and fail, but then I try again.

I learned to live for something instead of waiting for an end.

I’ll just keep breaking your heart,

So let me go.

I’ll always be the reason you hurt,

So let me go.

We’ve always traveled parallel,

So let me go.

I’ll always love you, and you can tell,

But let me go.

Ever since I heard you hauntingly say “I don’t”,

I never accepted a future where I would be alone.

I stepped out of the shadows imprisoning my mind.

As bad as our lives have been, I assure you I will be fine.

I’m free of all the guilt and my sacrifices,

The chains that bound my heart, and the one-sided compromises.

I can never repay these gifts you bestowed,

But I’m too weak to leave, so it has to be you to let go.


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