This was one of those times I felt “deprogrammed”, and needed something to just point me in the right direction.


I don’t know where I came from,

Or what first got me killed.

I woke up tasting copper,

Without a way or will.

I was put in my place for

Crimes I didn’t commit,

Icy blades pierce through my chest

To ensure I’d submit.

As I smiled and I nodded,

I kept slipping away.

I welcomed the torture,

Just let it come as it may.

There’s a horde of living dead,

That continues to spread.

Left abandoned and alone,

Sustained by soul and bone.

Atrocious homunculi,

No permission to die.

Surrounded by vicious lies,

My own thoughts out of reach,

Programmed only to obey,

I’m an id-seeking leech.

I was force-fed reality,

And expected to serve,

To build a pristine chapel,

For false idols unnerved.

The abuse finally ends,

With a look and a smile,

Deliver me from evil,

Let me sleep for a while.


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