Forgotten Mass

I like this one. It’s about the “fad” that depression and anxiety has become, and about the true sufferer finding real help instead of herd mentality.


Come one, come all, browbeaten and bruised!

Just grab your expression at the door.

One size fits all, there’s many to choose,

Fake smiles and phony laughter galore!

Go on, have fun! Vices on the house!

No need to be remembered tonight.

More drinks, more drugs, senses to arouse,

Everything for your faceless delight!

Now, Welcome to the forgotten mass!

Nothing in here is made of glass.

Nobody sees you, inside or out,

Be free of fear, judgement, and doubt!

You’re nothing out there, nothing in here,

Given up by those you held dear.

Fill up your soul, that empty crevasse,

Welcome to the forgotten mass!

Hands up, heads down, follow the leader,

You shouldn’t have to think for yourself.

Sin all around! Don’t seem too eager,

To ask your friends and family for help!

Hey you, stop that! Put that mask back on!

Your love gave up on you, didn’t they?

Give up! Give in! Continue the con!

They want to save you just for today!

Now, Escape from the forgotten mass!

Nothing in here will hide the past.

They will care, if you survive the drought,

They will not fear, or judge, or doubt.

You’re something to them, nothing in here.

You’ll find peace with those you hold dear.

Time for you to leave, put down the glass,

And leave us, the forgotten mass!


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