Save Yourself!

So I’ve been flooding Facebook with some really flighty material. Some of it is dark, but it is mostly well-meaning. I love writing because it gives me an outlet. I don’t have anyone I can physically talk to, and therein lies the rub; I’m a personal person. I’d rather call than text, and I’d rather meet up than call.

My writing will appear to most of you as poems or songs; I find it more soothing to write with a rhythm. I’m no songwriter, and I’m sure as hell no novelist. I’m just as guy trying to get through every day without a crippling thought.

What follows is a collection of writings, many of which were from my darkest days in struggling with PTSD. I’ve been fighting to overcome the worst it has to offer, but the effects it had on the woman I love are the inspiration for my writing. I’ve come a long way, as I hope you’ll see.


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