Pretty self-explanatory. This is what goes on in my head. This was written in 2017.


I don’t care about the time,

Since my head is adrift.

This plaguing perplexity,

Has created a rift.

What if everyone is dead,

But just my house survived?

What if it’s just me who died,

Yet everyone’s alive?

What if I spoke to deaf ears,

Or no one understands?

I want to fight for something,

But you just turned and ran.

What if I’m just convenient,

Called upon when needed?

Disregarded otherwise,

Since I have no feeling.

What if I’m in a coma,

Just making up this life?

If the pain isn’t real,

Why do I twist the knife?

No drug in this world will help,

It’s a part of me that’s flawed.

There’s a lot less bad than good,

I just drew the short straw.

Welcome to my head,

Where the living is blurred with dead.

Where minutes takes hours,

And everything sweet is sour.

There’s no black and white,

Let me worry, I’ll be alright.


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