This is one of my favorites. It’s another about the monster I was, but she was my equal opposite.


They cut out my heart, my ravaged soul.

My entire existence, swallowed whole.

I scavenged the ashes, my broken land,

Crushed by the devastation, end at hand.

They left me with nothing to start anew,

But foreboding vengeance, long overdue.

Clutching the flames, I walked in the shadows,

Hell-bent on sending hordes to the gallows.

Take the fire out of my soul, I will embrace Death.

I am an inferno inside.

The cold embrace, antithesis, becomes your new regret.

I am a frigid landslide.

Hellfire courses through these icy veins,

Imploding with hatred I cannot restrain.

They started a war, annihilation,

Only I remain, walking damnation.

Razing their empire and chilling the skies,

Retribution swift, I bring their demise.

As I’m rampaging, incinerating,

I see her crying, I’m hesitating.

Take my soul, set it on fire, I will stare at Death.

I am an inferno inside.

The flames entwine, antithesis, become my own regret.

I am a frigid landslide.

I approach the traitor, anger renewed.

She stands defiant, her tears must be true.

“I always saw you erupting inside,

You burned me alive, with nowhere to hide.”

Her words endure the flame, shatter the ice.

The man I’ve become, monster I despise,

Lies at her feet, awaiting her judgment,

Knowing she finds the creature repugnant.

Carefully kneeling, collecting her thoughts,

She closes my eyes, I’m shaking, distraught.

Halting my wrath, she forgives all my sins,

I take my final breath, peaceful within.


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